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Inverter Information
No.of MPP Trackers: No.of Strings per MPP Tracker:
PV Input Current (A): Max. PV Isc(A):
Max. DC Input Voltage (V): MPPT Range (V):
Full Load DC Voltage Range (V): Rated DC Input Voltage (V):
Maximum DC input power (W):
Module Information
Number of module blocks installed in a single inverter (blocks): Maximum power of single module Pmax(Wp):
Maximum Power Current (lmp): Short-circuit Current (lsc):
Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp): Open-circuit Voltage (Voc):
Temperature coefficients of Voc (-0.5%-0%): (%) Lowest temperature in 30 years:
Calculation results
Full load voltage recommended by number of connections programme Number of components cannot be configured by the system algorithm
Recommended connection scheme for nominal input voltage The system algorithm cannot configure the number of components

This calculation is only based on solar modules and inverters to make recommendations, in the actual design and construction process need to consider more factors.
Please strictly comply with local laws and regulations, if there is any conflict between this recommendation and local regulations, please refer to the local regulations.