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  • QLow power generation

    Low power generation can be caused by many reasons, weather, temperature, shade, inverters, panels orientation, panel angles and so on.

    Weather: fog, rain, cloud, bad weather can cause low power generation.

    Temperature: high or low temperature can reduce the panel’s efficiency, and lower the power generation.

    Shade: should check the site environment first, including trees, power pole, water tank, clothes, bird droppings, front panels covers back panels, one of the character of panels is once one panel covered, it will lower the whole system’s efficiency.

    Panel orientation: check if the orientation is the best angle. Generally, the highest solar generation point is from 11:00AM to 2:00 PM.

    Panels: different solar panels are not allowed to connect to the same string and same MPPT, please notice a broken panel can significantly lower whole system’s power generation, please change broken panels immediately.

    Inverter: once the inverter is down it will not generate any power, please check the inverter work status.

    Grid: Grid voltage/frequency fluctuation can happen frequently, reliable grid quality is one essential condition to ensure inverter working smoothly, so please notice the grid fluctuation, frequency fluctuation may all effect the inverter’s power generation, even can cause inverter error, also nearby high-power consumption can affect the inverter’s power generation.

  • QDC busbar voltage is low

    PV voltage low means the string’s voltage is low. DC connector loose connection, or no connection of the panels, or the number of PV module in series is few. Need to set multimeter to voltage, use the red pen to connect to positive electrode, use the black pen to connect to negative electrode, read the multimeter, if the voltage is in voltage range and it is positive, we can say the PV voltage is normal.

  • QHow can I connect the inverter to my computer directly?

    Step 1: Connect inverter to computer RS232 port via the RS232 port (WIFI plug port) of the inverter. if not equipped with RS232, a device of USB-to-232 converter is needed.

    Step 2: make sure the PIN connection is correct. Step 3: Set device address and parity type (no parity check) via software.

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