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Deye and RedEarth Announce Strategic Partnership in the South Pacific

Deye is honoured to announce the partnership with RedEarth after the successful extensive testing of Deye's advanced hybrid inverter range with RedEarth's Private Power Plant (PPP) software platform that maximises the financial returns for end users in Australia through dynamic energy management. RedEarth has also certified their popular Troppo battery for use with Deye LV inverters. RedEarth is now offering a range of all-in-one BESS systems using the Deye inverter and the Troppo battery, which are now available for sale in Australia and the South Pacific and compatible on RedEarth’s private power plant (PPP) platform.

Deye's industry-leading range of hybrid inverters are specially certified for the Australian market and are available in 5 to 50kW sizes with more models being certified in 2024. These inverters are now available as RedEarth PPP certified inverters with RedEarth's software platform included. RedEarth’s PPP maximises the return available from battery systems for customers in the Australian and South Pacific market. RedEarth’s PPP is a platform that provides Deye inverter owners automated dynamic management of their solar power for energy trading, peer-to-peer power sharing, and dynamic EV charging options. The user interface includes RedEarth EMU app and proprietary EMS (Energy Management System) for more complex installations.

The integrated technical cooperation with RedEarth will continue as Deye rolls out its new Deye Cloud platform supported by considerable field-testing by RedEarth. This will allow RedEarth to provide its installer base in Australia with the market leading hybrid inverter solution, in turn providing the end-customers with some of the most effective battery systems in Australia.

The Deye hybrid inverter range includes the unique multi-function SMART Port that accepts generator or ac-coupled solar input, or it can act as a controlled load output to manage an EV charger for example. RedEarth's PPP software is designed to take full advantage of this SMART Port.

In addition, the Deye inverters can be clustered in parallel to satisfy the market demand for scalable power, making it one of the most multi-functional hybrid inverters in the Australian market. Again, RedEarth's PPP software is designed to take full advantage of this scalability. Even complex installations can be managed by adding RedEarth's in-house developed RedHead EMS (Energy Management System) working in conjunction with Deye’s new Cloud platform.

"Deye is pleased to be working with a leading Australian-based battery system developer and integrator. Achieving successful integration between Deye's advanced hybrid inverter and RedEarth's PPP software platform and extensive product range enhances the energy storage options available to installers and customers" Deye Australia Country Manager, George Liu said.

“RedEarth is pleased to be working with Deye and their engineering teams to drive the development and adoption of the advanced features of both Deye inverters and RedEarth’s PPP software platform and integrated BESS systems in the Australian and South Pacific markets.” RedEarth Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Chris Winter said.

As a global residential storage energy expert, Deye strives to continue to be a technology innovator with sincere commitment to market-leading research and development. The integration of Deye hybrid inverters with RedEarth PPP software platform will also accelerate a carbon-free future.